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Playmakers Wanted

Swag for gamers.

Playmakers Wanted is a brand that celebrates those pivotal gaming moments the same way NFL fans roar over a key interception, NBA fans shout for a deep three-pointer, and hockey fans scream for an amazing save. Wear your team colors and logo proudly, vibrantly, and with pro designs for your team’s custom esports jerseys.

Some games stick with us, but more importantly the players we shared those games with. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create a memento of the game you played and the people you played with. Custom esports jerseys or other merch are the perfect way to remember the experience for years to come.

Clash Of News at the base, what is it ?

This is the news around Clash Of Clans non-stop, the news of different leagues and communities Clash on discord, the clans games transmitted as quickly as possible… In addition, you will be able to find a E-sport calendar of Clash Of Clans.
Want to help us ? Contact EnderWiggin67 | Avengers Coc Fr#1667 in private messages ! We have “techniques” to present the news :
➫ Webhooks linked to Twitter,
YouTube videos that we retranscribe and publish,
➫ The use of sites recognized by Supercell, etc.
➫ A bot built only for Clash Of News that allows event management.
In addition to the news, we have been involved for some time in organizing regular events, such as tournaments, friendly events and more…
Feel free to join us by following this link :

Clash Champs

Clash champs is a versatile way to recruit for your clan in addition to contests and community.


Leading can be a challenge, so why do it alone. Here we have a community of over 500 Leaders and Co-Leaders from over 225 different clans. We chat, hang-out, share ideas, ask for advice, and have a good time. There is a strict No Recruiting policy so everyone should feel safe in chatting without worrying that everyone is going to convince you to join their clan.

Player History and Information

We welcome you to be a part of the History server. The most important principle of any clan and league is ensuring a fair-play environment for all involved. Multiple measures are employed by leagues to ensure they are free of such issues. Among other verification, every participant who is placed on any league roster has their history (individual and clan history) researched by roster staff. They may also cross-reference the ban lists of other leagues for this rostered individuals.


Looking to partner with the league? We are always looking for unique partnerships to offer to our members.

While these are not all, here are some of our requirements for partnership:

Minimum requirements:500+ members in community

Your values align with NDL

Your content could benefit both the league and server members

Please submit an application here: