Senior Staff Team

Senior Staff Introductions

Hi! I go by AC in the clash community that I’ve been a part of for some time now. I joined NDL’s staff in early season 1 as a member of the warmatch team, and stayed in that team until becoming a part of the senior team in season 2. Now on to season 4 I’ve been tasked with taking over Pickles role in the league. I love working in the NDL, and being able to provide entertainment to so many people around the world. Working with the entire staff, the ambs and getting to meet new people has been much more than I had thought a mobile game would be. Looking forward to many more exciting seasons. Why dip? AC

My name is weezer, actually it’s Wes, I started playing clash, well years ago now, with a group which I had played mobile games with for 5+ years. I started with the NDL during the first week of season 1. What enticed me to the NDL was the enthusiasm by all participants. The NDL was more than just an addition to the game, it was a family working together to make something great. I have done a little of everything in NDL starting with warmatch and moving up to Senior staff. We all work together to make this the #1 league in clash doing every job that is needed at the time.

Ree Ree
I have been playing clash for close to 5 years. I become involved in the NDL during the trial wars before season one. I loved the idea of a “no dip” league because I believe that shows the true skill for the game in both offense and defense. I started as a participant and moved from co ambassador to ambassador to staff and now to Senior Staff. I enjoy the banter and friendships the league has allowed to be formed and hope to continue those as long as possible.

I have been playing Clash of Clans for 6 years now and didn’t participate in any type of league until NDL season 3. After our first few wars I saw that NDL was looking for a few new staff members and decided it would be really fun to help out so I applied. I was accepted into NDL staff at the beginning of season 3. I started off in negotiation and joined FPIT in the middle of that season. At the beginning of season 4 I took the lead role for FPIT and continued in that role for most of season 5. I also provide technical support for the master roster, the redcloud and the ndl website.


I’ve been playing clash for 5+ years, participating in several leagues for most of that. Fell in love with the NDL during season 3 when my clan joined a family alliance with Curms (LAAWWWNNNN!). The people involved with everything here are amazing. I became a co-amb for season 4 and joined the warmatch team for season 5. I’m looking forward to helping everyone make this awesome leauge even better and can’t wait for S6! Love the NDL and love this community!


60 percent water!

Honorable Mention- Retired Seniors